WHAT WE DO / Multi-Story Structures

On smaller urban sites, multi-story structures make a more profitable alternative for Self Storage.   Some larger scale facilities may be a mix of multi- and single story buildings.  Our light gauge steel framing goes up quickly and simply.  We can then supply and install the standing seam steel roofing, and all your electrical needs.

Waikato Enterprises have built a range of multi-story Self Storage structures, and we are currently the only multi-story Self Storage construction company in the Mid West region.

Larger steel framed buildings to maximize profitability

The Building Process

  1. Contact Waikato for initial consultation
  2. Find suitable architect to prepare drawings and permits
  3. Appoint a general contractor
  4. General contractor appoints sub-contractors (which is where Waikato comes in)
  5. Excavations and concrete slab formed
  6. Waikato’s in-house installation crews supply and erect light gauge steel frame building and roofing
  7. Waikato can also organize doors and hall systems
  8. Waikato can also supply and install all security and access needs
  9. Other contractors complete their work
  10. Your new Self Storage facility is ready for business!

Take the first step...

Contact Waikato today for your consultation, and see if building multi story is the most viable option for your site.

“Waikato has the incomparable knack for finishing jobs properly the first time.  They go above and beyond the expectations, and never hesitate to change something to make it exactly the way I want it.”

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