WHAT WE DO / Mezzanine Systems

A mezzanine system effectively adds another floor to your existing Self Storage facility, without extending the building.  If there is 20ft overhead clearance available in your building, then you can double your storage sqft easily and economically.

The mezzanine system is built from our light gauge steel framing, and is freestanding, so puts no additional load on your existing building.

Double your storage space without extending existing buildings

The Process

  1. Contact Waikato for initial consultation
  2. Find suitable architect to prepare drawings and permits
  3. Waikato’s in-house installation crews supply and erect light gauge steel frame structure,
  4. Waikato can also organize doors and hall systems
  5. While extending your storage facility, it is also a great time to look at upgrading your security and access systems
  6. Your additional Self Storage units are ready for business!

Take the first step...

Contact Waikato today for your consultation, and see if your building will be suitable for a mezzanine extension.

“Prior to our relationship with Waikato, we were struggling to find qualified contractors in the storage industry that were willing to work and build a high-end product with an attention to detail and finish.”

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